Ms.Samia F Alzahrani

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Director- Professional Development and Research, Nursing Administration- Ministry of Health, Professional Development Committee, Saudi Association of Midwifery, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Samia F. Alzahrani serves as the Director of Professional Development and Research in Nursing Administration Affairs at the Ministry of Health, where she enhances nursing practices and professional growth.She completed courses on Philosophy, Knowledge, Skills, and Evidence for Optimum Birth at City University of London and is a CPD Champions (Advanced) accredited by the ACCME Academy - American Academy.Ms. Alzahrani is passionate about empowering midwifery practice, leading in health and pregnancy care, and improving neonatal care practices. She focuses on high dependency care for childbearing women and contemporary issues in infant feeding and nutrition. Committed to education, she actively teaches and promotes evidence-based practices.Ms. Alzahrani’s dedication to nursing and midwifery elevates healthcare standards, inspiring practitioners to provide exceptional care for mothers and newborns. Her dedication to midwifery and professional development continues to make a significant impact on the healthcare system in Saudi Arabia, fostering an environment of continuous learning and improvement for midwives and nurses