Dr. Roa F Altaweli

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

President- Saudi Association of Midwifery,  Director of Midwifery, Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dr. Roa Altaweli is a leading Consultant Midwife and the President and founding Board member of the Saudi Association of Midwifery. She made history as the first Saudi midwife to earn a PhD in Midwifery from City, University of London, where she also completed her MSc. Additionally, she studied at King’s College London. Formerly, Dr. Altaweli served as the Director of the Midwifery Department at the Ministry of Health. She also represents the Eastern Mediterranean Region on the board of the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM). Her dedication to advancing midwifery is evident through her involvement in various committees and the creation of “Rahmah Birth,” an Arabic resource and awareness programme for natural childbirth. Recognized as a Social Impact Award Finalist in 2018, Dr. Altaweli continues to champion high-quality, compassionate care for women and newborns, both in Saudi Arabia and internationally.