Dr. Rennie Joshua

United Arab Emirates
Senior Nurse Educator
In charge of Nursing Education Unit Dubai Hospital
United Arab Emirates

With a distinguished career spanning 23 years in the nursing profession, Dr. Rennie Joshua has dedicated her expertise and passion to the field of healthcare education, significantly impacting nursing practices and standards. Dr. Joshua's journey began as a Critical Care Nurse at Bombay Hospital in Mumbai, where she enhanced her clinical skills in a high- pressure environment. Dr. Joshua then advanced to a leadership role as Team Leader at Manipal Hospital in Bangalore, overseeing a team of dedicated healthcare professionals. In 2006, Dr. Joshua joined Dubai Hospital as a Critical Care Nurse. Her role evolved rapidly as she took on responsibilities as a shift in charge, demonstrating exceptional leadership and management capabilities. She played a pivotal role in the hospital's journey toward JCI Accreditation, serving as a JCIA link nurse. Her efforts in their capacity ensured the highest standards of patient care and safety, contributing to the hospital’s prestigious accreditation status. Beyond accreditation, Dr. Joshua actively engaged in the professional development of her colleagues. As an organizer and speaker, she facilitated numerous in-house educational activities and participated in international conferences, sharing insights and advancements in critical care nursing. In 2015, Dr. Joshua transitioned to the Nursing Education department at Dubai Hospital. Currently, she leads the Nursing Education Unit, where she is responsible for the continuous professional development of nursing staff. Her innovative approach to education has fostered a culture of lifelong learning and excellence within the department. Dr. Joshua's contributions extend beyond the hospital to the national stage. Dr. Joshua has been actively involved with the U.A.E National Committee for Nursing and Midwifery Affairs, where she developed a specialized Adult Critical Care residency program. Her dedication to nursing education and her impactful work have earned him recognition as a leader and advocate for the nursing profession.